When choosing a liposuction surgeon, it's important to make sure you understand who you are working with. When considering liposuction, you should talk to a surgeon about all of the following:

  • Education and board certification: Where did your surgeon train? Who did they train with? How much training did they have specifically in liposuction? Are they board certified? What is their board certification in?
  • Experience and results: How many liposuction procedures has your potential surgeon performed? What is his personal complication rate? How were these complications resolved? Are before and after images from this surgeon available on the website? Make sure images are from that surgeon, not from websites promoting the liposuction machine. When you talk to a surgeon in person, ask to see additional before and after images, especially that the surgeon thinks are like your case.
  • Professional standing: Has your surgeon ever been disciplined by the medical board of the state? Is your surgeon's license current? When was it last renewed?
  • Treatment: Your surgeon will perform your surgery, but it's also important to know who will be doing your follow-up visits. You want your surgeon to be there as well.

When you talk to a surgeon, you should ask about all these things as well as specific recommendations about your treatment. You are listening not only to the answers, but to the tone in which those answers are given. You want to make sure that the answers are truthful, sincere, and express genuine concern for you, your results, and your health.

At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to compare our five doctors against other liposuction surgeons in the area. We are confident that you will see ours are among the best surgeons in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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