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Body Procedures Atlanta

If you follow a steady exercise regimen and eat a healthy diet but still find yourself unable to achieve your ideal body shape, you are not alone. At Marietta Plastic Surgery we work with patients from all backgrounds and of all ages who express frustration with their inability to achieve a desired look, or at the gradual loss of a youthful appearance because of the effects of time and gravity. Regardless of your reason for wanting to undergo plastic surgery procedures to achieve your ideal shape, body contouring may be able to provide you with the help you need to get the look you want.

Appearance of Poor Body Tone

You may work hard to build up good muscle tone, but if excess skin or fatty tissue is hiding your musculature, you may appear overweight or out of tone. Even if you exercise daily you may still suffer from your grandmother’s hips and your mother’s thigh shape. You may choose to seek assistance from Marietta plastic surgeons if your body shape is negatively affected by:

  • Aging and skin laxity
  • Excessive skin after massive weight loss
  • Stubborn fat deposits

Regardless of the cause of your body shape, body contouring may help you gain the trim waist and tummy you can never seem to get at the gym.

Body Contouring Procedures

A variety of procedures can help you target your trouble areas and appear younger and healthier, including:

Read about body contouring after weight loss

Any of these body contouring procedures may be used in conjunction with the others to help you define your body shape and reduce excessive skin or stubborn fat deposits. Liposuction is often incorporated as part of the other three procedures, and produces results with which our patients are invariably pleased.

Body contouring may be performed to help you achieve your ideal shape after working hard to meet your goal weight. However, patients also often choose to undergo body contouring procedures to help them kick-start a healthier lifestyle or exercise regime. You should always discuss your fitness goals and intentions with your plastic surgeon before undergoing your procedure in order to avoid injury or infection that may be caused by doing too much too soon after surgery.

To learn more about our plastic surgery procedures or to schedule your body contouring consultation with one of our board-certified* plastic surgeons, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today. Our office welcomes patients from all backgrounds in the Marietta, Atlanta, Woodstock, and surrounding areas of Georgia.

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Marietta: 770.425.0118
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