myTouchMD is a free, secure portal and app that enables patients to relive their consultation from the comfort of their home.

Patients can use myTouchMD to learn more about your practice and facilities. Explore videos about their procedure or medical condition, and view their images saved during the office visit.

TouchMD | The Patient Experience from TouchMD on Vimeo.

Additional Information

myTouchMD Instructions
Step 1
You will receive a Welcome Email from Touch MD

Step 2
At the bottom of the email there will be a “login” button- click this to create a password and finalize your account. Your username is your email.

Step 3
You will be given an option at the top of your browser to download the Touch MD app- we highly recommend this as this software will be our primary source of communicating with you.

Step 4
Once logged in you can use the “drop down” menu at the top right of the screen to view our services, add photos, and update your profile. The main screen, also called the “timeline”, contains any consents that need signed, documents that need reviewed, and any photos that have been uploaded either by your or our staff.

Adding Photos to myTouchMD

Step 1
Click the “drop down” menu at the top right of the screen

Step 2
Select “add photo”

Step 3
“Agree” to the terms and conditions

Step 4
Tap the “grey box” to either take a photo or a choose a previously taken photo

Step 5
Once you have taken or selected a photo, you can “title” the photo if desired

Step 6
Select “upload”

Step 7
You are finished and should see the photo(s) under the “gallery” tab on your main screen/timeline.