Makeup is a hassle for many of us. If you have poor eyesight, it may be even more troublesome and time-consuming to apply and remove your cosmetics every day. Additionally, some patients experience an allergic reaction to certain cosmetics, making the entire process more frustrating than it is worth.

Advantages of Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing, also referred to as “permanent makeup,” is a natural and easy way you can eliminate the daily time and effort of applying makeup. While this may sound like a dramatic step, cosmetic tattooing has several practical advantages that make it a valuable treatment option for patients who:

  • Are not especially skilled at makeup application
  • Do not want to worry about smears, smudges, or runs causing embarrassment
  • Are active people (e.g. sports , outdoor activities, swimming, etc.)
  • Want to camouflage certain facial scars
  • Want to maintain a well-groomed, carefree appearance 24 hours a day

Our experienced Atlanta cosmetic surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery can help you determine your goals for your cosmetic tattooing procedure. Permanent makeup comes in a wide variety of shades and can mimic eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, and eyebrow pencils. If necessary, we can also create a new shade just for you.

What to Expect With Cosmetic Tattooing

Your permanent makeup procedure will be performed under  local anesthesia to minimize pain. Once the anesthesia is in effect, a tattoo pen will be used to inject the permanent ink you have chosen into your skin. Your procedure can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour to complete.

Initially, your cosmetic tattoos will appear darker and brighter than the desired color. Within a few days, as swelling reduces and your skin heals itself, they will fade to the correct shade.

Risks of Permanent Makeup

The greatest risk associated with a cosmetic tattooing procedure is having it performed by an untrained physician. Precision is essential when applying permanent makeup. Laser removal of improperly-applied eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos can result in hair loss.

You can trust that Marietta Plastic Surgery will give your cosmetic tattooing procedure the skill, care, and attention it deserves. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the excellent results you are looking for.

If you have further questions about permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, please contact our experienced cosmetic surgeons today to schedule a consultation. Marietta Plastic Surgery serves the Atlanta area with offices in Woodstock and Marietta, Georgia.