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 A man’s chest is a marker of his masculinity. When a man has gynecomastia – an excess amount of glandular and/or fatty tissue in the chest – it creates the appearance of male breasts. Teasing and embarrassment are frequently associated with this condition, and the excess tissue may even cause physical pain. Say goodbye to gynecomastia today with the help of male breast reduction at Marietta Plastic Surgery.

What causes gynecomastia? Men of all ages find themselves with gynecomastia as a result of an increase in weight, various medications, fluctuations in hormone levels, or genetics. When medical treatments for gynecomastia aren’t an option, it’s best to come in for a male breast reduction procedure.

The main defining factor of your male breast reduction procedure will be the composition of your excess chest tissue. This will be determined by one of Marietta Plastic Surgery’s skilled plastic surgeons during an evaluation of the area.

If you have more excess glandular breast tissue than fatty tissue, you’ll need excision surgery. This involves an incision on the outside of the areola. Once this incision is made, the excess tissue can be safely removed. Excess drooping skin can also be taken away.

If, on the other hand, you have more excess fatty tissue than glandular tissue, you’ll need tumescent liposuction to remove it. Tumescent liposuction features a cannula, a tube that can carry out fatty deposits when paired with medical suction.

Expect your male breast reduction procedure to take one to three hours. Local or general anesthesia will be needed. Liposuction, excision surgery, or a combination is performed, and the size of the areolae may be changed to match the size reduction of the overall area. Stitches are used to seal the incisions, and the region is covered and protected with surgical dressings.

After your body has fully healed from the operation, you’ll be able to show off a handsome, masculine chest. Find out more today – arrange an appointment for a consultation at Marietta Plastic Surgery.