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Youthful, glowing skin is one of the most immediately-recognized aspects of beauty, and one of its most enduring constants. The luster of healthy skin immediately increases the beauty of your face and body, and we often recommend that patients who are having plastic surgery also use advanced skin care techniques to improve the quality and durability of their results. If your skin is dull, wrinkled, or discolored, we offer many skin care procedures that can reduce your wrinkles and improve your overall appearance.

How Your Skin Ages

Our skin is remarkable for its ability to flex, stretch, grow, and renew itself. Our skin is not designed to last, but is made of cells that are born, grow old, die, and are shed. When we are young, this process is quick, and the cells on the surface of our skin are young and fresh-looking, but as we age the process slows and the surface of our skin is made of older skin cells.

As a result, the skin looks duller and acquires more damage from sun and environment. The skin becomes less flexible, and wrinkles begin to stay, first in places where the skin flexes regularly, then all over the skin’s surface, contributing to what is often described as a “crepey“ appearance: thin-looking skin covered with numerous fine wrinkles.

Microneedling Before & After

Woman before microneedling in Atlanta
Woman after microneedling in Atlanta

Combating Skin Aging

To combat skin aging, we use a combination of procedures that speed up the slowed process of shedding skin as well as providing the skin with vital nutrients that help its older cells maintain a youthful glow.

We offer amazing procedures that can help you combat skin aging. Call today to schedule your appointment for the following procedures:

Microdermabrasion is used to exfoliate and soften the skin, as well as encourage cell turnover and product penetration. The procedure is painless and has no downtime. These treatments take approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour and should be performed every 4-8 weeks. These treatments add a nice smoothness and glow to the skin.

*Actual Patient
*Actual Patient


is a treatment that requires numbing and takes approximately 30-45 minutes after numbing cream has taken effect. Microneedling is used to stimulate collagen, but is also helpful with pigment, large pores, texture and acne scars. A series is most helpful and typically requires 3-4 treatments performed one month apart. Products to care for the skin one week post needling are provided.

Facials are great for tired, dehydrated or congested skin. They are great to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate and encourage product penetration. Facials are a relaxing way to add a glow back to your skin.

Chemical peels are appropriate for most skin types. Peels are great for congested pores, texture, pigment, cell turnover and product penetration. Peels take approximately 30 minutes, and typically require one week of “social” downtime, meaning there could be visibly exfoliation of the skin. Products to care for the skin one week post peel are provided.

Fraxel re:store is a dual-laser that includes an erbium 1550 nm laser and a thulium fiber 1927 nm laser. This treatment is ideal for patients with sensitive skin or those who prefer a less aggressive treatment with a shorter downtime.

Fractora skin treatment is a highly advanced fractional radiofrequency skin-rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles to slow the effects of aging and restore skin to its youthful appearance.

Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. The highly advanced system uses a special handpiece equipped with a xenon flash lamp that delivers intense pulses of highly focused light energy to the skin.

Diolaze is an advanced laser hair removal procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair.

Protégé Elite

Protégé Elite is a non-invasive treatment for laxity. It uses RF (radio frequency) to create heat in the sense of a controlled wound in the collagen layer which your body then has to repair as it would a cut or scrape. This result gives a tightening effect to the skin. Treatments are done to the lower face, eyes, neck, and body parts such as above the knees and hands. Three treatments are required for the neck, lower face, and eyes. Treatments are done at 1 week intervals.

Body treatments require 6 treatments also done at 1 week intervals. A patient’s only responsibility is to be extremely hydrated. Radio Frequency is attracted to water molecules in the skin to create the heat necessary for treatment. Results can be seen four months from your last treatment and can last 1.5-2 years. Touch ups are usually done every 7-9 months to help prolong results.

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Other Treatments

In addition, Marietta Plastic Surgery offers other treatments that can help you look your best. We offer treatment for spider veins, vascular lesions, sun and age spots, and birthmarks. We also perform laser hair removal and tattoo removal.

Another specialized procedure we perform is permanent make-up services. Permanent make-up can be used to enhance your eyelashes, give lips color, enhance eye brows, or conceal scars. It can also be a crucial part of breast reconstruction, giving your reconstructed breast an areola that helps it look more natural.

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We offer so many skin care options and procedures that it is impossible to detail them all here. Please contact our Atlanta cosmetic surgeons today to learn more about the procedures we offer. Serving the areas of Marietta, Atlanta, and Woodstock, Georgia.

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