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Unfortunately, some people’s naturally beautiful eyes are partially hidden by drooping upper eyelids or excess skin. Your eye areas may also develop a number of conditions that surface as a result of aging, injuries, birth defects, and more. Not only can these conditions affect the way you appear, they can hinder the way your eyes take in light, skewing your view of the outside world.

Oculoplastic surgery addresses these problems through cosmetic, reconstructive, and corrective surgery on the delicate tissue and anatomy surrounding your eyes.

Benefits Of Oculoplasty Surgery

Our experienced Atlanta oculoplastic surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery can treat several problems with your eyelid skin, including:

  • Entropion (when your lower lid turns inward)
  • Ectropion (when your lower lid turns outward)
  • “Bags” underneath the eyes

Oculoplastic surgery can also correct conditions caused by injuries and burns. Working with the sensitive skin around your eyes requires the expertise and skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, you can be confident that your eyes and facial skin are in careful, capable, and experienced hands.

Preparing For Oculoplastic Surgery

Before committing to oculoplastic surgery, you should schedule a consultation with a physician to discuss the types of surgeries available and which one will be the right choice for you.

We can help you throughout the whole process so that you can obtain the results you desire. Together, we can make your eye area look great and help with functionality issues.

Types Of Oculoplastic Procedures

The most common type of oculoplastic procedure is a blepharoplasty, which involves the removal and repair of excess eyelid skin. Your eyelids contain the thinnest skin of any area of your body. As you age, this skin tends to stretch, which can lead to a “drooping” effect both above and below your eyes. The excess skin not only makes you look older and more tired, but can also interfere with your vision.

Other types of oculoplastic procedures include:

  • Orbital fracture repairs – Trauma to the eye area after accidents and falls can fracture or break the orbital bone that encases your eye, resulting in pain, double vision, and/or a sunken appearance.
  • Tumor removal – If you have a tumor in or around your eyes, oculoplastic surgery can both remove it and reconstruct the area(s) it affected.
  • Lacrimal (tear duct) surgery – If you have excess tearing caused by a blockage somewhere in your tear duct’s drainage system, surgery can correct this.
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures – These may include laser skin resurfacing, eye lifts, facelifts, or browlifts.
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Patient Testimonials

Dr. McNeel is very gifted and skilled!! I had an upper/lower bleph and nose hump removed. The recovery was comfortable and when I got nervous he always welcomed me in the office and calmed my nerves. I love the way my eyes look. People noticed I look refreshed but never noticed scars or unnatural appearance. He is fantastic and his injectable talent is remarkable!! I’m so glad I was referred and found a plastic surgeon who I’m so confident with! Thanks to everyone at the office I never met anyone who wasn’t kind and calming. This place is top shelf!!

- Christy

In July I had a neck lift and face lift with Dr. West. He was so professional and easy to talk to and the surgery was awesome. I had one small bruise and hardly any swelling. It was wonderful! Then I started having some issues in my healing process. I had a scab near my ear that just refused to heal. I was so frustrated and Dr. West was so supportive and just kept telling me it would heal . He had me come to the office every week until it got better. I called and texted him several times panicking when the scab fell off or the wound reopened. I could not have picked a better place! Everyone was so genuinely concerned about my progress. If you are looking for a doctor and office staff who will see you through a procedure with care and compassion...then this is the place you!

- Lisa
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Oculoplastic Surgery Recovery

The amount of post-procedure care you will have to practice depends on the procedure you have. Our surgeons will guide you every step of the way and arm you with the information you need to heal quickly. That way, you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine as fast as possible.

Typically, you’ll only have to take it easy and make sure to keep your eyes cool for a few days after the surgery. Avoid heavy lifting and intense exercise for a couple of weeks after the surgery in order to help minimize any discomfort and bruising.

Our surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery can diagnose and treat any deformities surrounding your eyes, improving both the function and appearance of your skin and preserving your vision at the same time.

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If you live in the Atlanta, Marietta, or Woodstock areas of Georgia and are considering eyelid surgery, please contact our board-certified oculoplastic surgeons today to schedule a consultation. We can help you make an informed decision about oculoplastic surgery and any other available treatments.

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