Whether you are interested in breast surgery, body contouring, or facial plastic surgery, you probably have numerous questions about the procedure you would like to undergo. No website or book can answer every possible question about any procedure, so meeting with a plastic surgeon to make sure all your questions are answered before a procedure is the best way to feel confident and informed about your decision. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we take the time necessary during your plastic surgery consultation to help you understand and feel comfortable with your chosen procedures.

Meeting with the Experts

While some plastic surgery practices will have you talk to an assistant for your consultation, at Marietta Plastic Surgery you will meet with one of our Atlanta cosmetic surgeons. He will take as long as necessary to listen to and discuss your:

  • Goals
  • Expectations
  • Concerns
  • Questions

Our surgeons can also help you decide which plastic surgery procedures will provide you with the best possible outcome for your personal aesthetic goals. You will be treated as an individual with unique needs and desires, and will experience care and compassion from any of our plastic surgeons you choose to work with.

Defining Your Expectations

While meeting with our plastic surgeons, you will be asked a series of questions that pertain to your chosen plastic surgery procedure or procedures. He may assist this discussion by:

  • Asking you questions about your health history
  • Explaining the procedure
  • Explaining the recovery process
  • Allowing you to view before and after images of past procedures
  • Using computer morphing software to illustrate possible results
  • Discussing the cost of your chosen procedure

Learn more about using VECTRA® 3D Imaging System to preview your results.

Meeting with one of our plastic surgeons does not constitute an agreement or contract with our practice. Instead, it is an opportunity for you to learn what you need to know about various plastic surgery procedures and undergo a screening to determine if you are a good candidate for those procedures. Schedule a consultation today.

If you are in the southeast and would like to learn more about the plastic surgery procedures available to you, please contact our experienced Marietta plastic surgeons today for your plastic surgery consultation. We welcome patients from Marietta, Woodstock, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas.