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If you have undergone a mastectomy and feel like the results of the procedure are negatively impacting your daily life, breast reconstruction may be one of the most effective ways to help you return to a normal life. Our board-certified Atlanta breast surgeons are proud to offer breast reconstruction to women who have undergone a mastectomy or suffered from an injury to the breast, because now that they have triumphed over breast cancer, they deserve to return to a normal and happy life.

Your Breast Reconstruction will be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon at Marietta Plastic Surgery located in Marietta, GA just outside of Atlanta.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Every breast reconstruction procedure is highly personalized in order to provide ideal results that complement the unique physique of every individual. Because of this, no two surgeries are alike, but there are several general approaches to breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction can be performed with or without breast implants. If a breast implant is desired, usually the tissues of the chest wall must be prepared for the implant using a tissue expander filled with saline solution. This is done to ensure there is enough tissue available to completely cover the implant so that the results of the procedure are aesthetically pleasing and appear natural. Over time, the amount of saline in the expander is increased until the breast mound reaches the desired size. Then the expander is removed and replaced with the permanent implant. This method requires an additional surgery in order to insert the tissue expanders and can be a much lengthier process but provides incredibly satisfactory results that have a natural-looking appearance.

Breast reconstruction can also be performed using your own tissue as the base for the breast. This is known as autologous, or flap, reconstruction. This method uses tissue harvested from other areas of the body to replace the breast tissue. The tissue is typically harvested from the abdomen, back or buttock. The tissue is then transferred to the breast and carefully molded into the desired shape.

Autologous breast reconstruction may also be performed with the use of a breast implant, depending on the amount of tissue present and the goals of the patient. Sometimes, especially with the use of the back tissue, an expander is also used then replaced with an implant.

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Breast Reconstruction Modifications

While a reconstructed breast will not have the same sensitivity and feel as your natural breast, their appearance should be very similar. Underneath your clothing there may be no noticeable difference at all. Nevertheless, you may choose to take extra steps during your procedure to create a more natural look. These options include:

  • Adding an areola and nipple to retain the natural features and appearance of the breasts
  • Changing the size or shape of the breast to better suit your proportions during or after reconstruction
  • Undergoing breast surgery to the opposite breast to match the reconstructed breast in order to retain symmetry

Reconstructive plastic surgery can help you improve your lifestyle and regain your confidence after you have recovered from a life-threatening circumstance, like breast cancer. Each of our reconstructive plastic surgeons will help you achieve that goal with the utmost care, consideration, and compassion during your consultations, treatment, and follow-up visits. We know this can be a sensitive issue for many women. That is why we focus on making every step of the process as comfortable and personalized as possible.

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Patient Testimonials

I had breast cancer, and Dr. Hanna and team has helped with my breast reconstruction. I had a double mastectomy last January, and Dr. Hanna and team has been there throughout my delayed reconstruction. From day one, I have been pleased with my results. His team is amazing as well, very courteous, caring, and patient. They have always been empathetic to my needs, and pain throughout my reconstruction process. He is an amazing surgeon, and I would highly recommend his staff and him. He is doing my final exchange surgery next week, and I can not wait to see my final results.

- A

Dr West is so kind. He explains everything and gives you an honest opinion. If he feels you will not benefit from a procedure, he tells you. I find that to be very honest. I have used him before and I feel he is the best! His staff is very friendly.

- Joann

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If you have questions about reconstructive breast surgery, we encourage you to take the time to meet with one of our experienced plastic surgeons to discuss any questions or concerns you may have so that they can help you decide what options are right for you. Please contact our Marietta or Woodstock, Georgia, breast reconstruction surgery centers today, welcoming patients from the entire southeastern United States.

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