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Male Breast Reduction – Atlanta Chest Recontouring

Published on May 12, 2015 by
Male Breast Reduction Atlanta

When male patients are experiencing gynecomastia – an excessive amount of tissue in the chest – the best course of action is often corrective male breast reduction. The tissue composition of your male breasts will determine the types of techniques used during your male breast reduction surgery. Glandular breast tissue is typically removed using scalpel […]

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Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Atlanta

Published on March 9, 2015 by
Gynecomastia Atlanta

Are you tired of being self-conscious about your “man boobs”? The appearance of man boobs is caused by an excess of male breast tissue, a condition known as gynecomastia. With male breast reduction, this excess tissue can be removed, helping the chest look more masculine. Gynecomastia has numerous potential causes. Many men experience gynecomastia as […]

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