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VECTRA® 3D Imaging Atlanta

Seeing your results before you select your Atlanta plastic surgery options would help any patient know that they are choosing the right procedure. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, our Atlanta area patients have that benefit. We use VECTRA® 3D imaging to show patients what they can expect from their surgery.

The VECTRA 3D Process

During your plastic surgery consultation, we will use the VECTRA 3D imaging system to aid our surgical planning. The process includes:

  • Photo session. We will begin by capturing a three dimensional photo of your treatment area. The VECTRA 3D camera takes multiple photos simultaneously from different angles. These images will be used to build a 3D model of you in our system.
  • Software simulation. In consultation with one of our doctors, you will manipulate your 3D image to see how each surgical procedure may affect your overall appearance. This is the time to experiment, such as with different breast implant sizes for your breast augmentation, and see how your choices will affect your results.
  • Surgical plan. After confirming what your desired results are, our doctors will use the 3D image as the basis for your surgical plan.

The VECTRA 3D imaging system can be used for any of our plastic surgery procedures. Whether you are considering a facelift, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation, our advanced imaging system will help you make the right choices for your body. This imaging system helps your plastic surgeon understand the aesthetic appearance you are trying to achieve. And it helps you understand exactly how plastic surgery can improve your look.

Benefits of VECTRA 3D Imaging

Using this advanced technology, our doctors and patients can have an honest discussion about what results each patient can expect by looking at images of their own body. The many benefits include:

  • Real-time analysis of plastic surgery options
  • Accurate body measurements for surgical planning
  • Realistic expectations for plastic surgery results

With the VECTRA 3D imaging system, we can eliminate your guess work on what your results will look like. You can see up front how your decisions affect your plastic surgery results. Knowing what to expect from your Atlanta plastic surgery procedure will give you a greater satisfaction with your results.

VECTRA Animations

Breast Sculptor


Nose and Chin

Facial Assessment

If you are ready to see how plastic surgery can change your body, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today for your consultation with a qualified Atlanta plastic surgeon. Call 770-425-0118 for our Marietta office or 678-494-2380 for our Woodstock location.

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Marietta: 770.425.0118
Woodstock: 678.494.2380
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