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Cosmetic Surgery Combined with Other Medical Procedures

When you need to have an important medical procedure performed that will negatively impact your appearance, you may consider having plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery afterward to correct the damage. Unfortunately, it may take a considerable amount of time after your initial procedure before you are ready for another surgery, and the costs of two […]

Fraxel Laser – A New Treatment at Marietta Plastic Surgery

If you have been hesitant about laser skin resurfacing in the past, Marietta Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer a revolutionary new laser treatment called Fraxel that fits the lifestyles and cosmetic goals of our patients more efficiently than ever. While the Fraxel laser is new to our surgery center, it was recently approved by […]

Plastic Surgery Goes Mainstream: Not Just for the Rich

You may have noticed in recent years that plastic surgery is becoming less of privilege for the rich and famous, and more common among everyday people. Perhaps you know friends or co-workers who have undergone a procedure, or have heard about the long list of minimally-invasive treatments – such as BOTOX® and laser skin resurfacing […]

Is Plastic Surgery Painful?

If you’re like most people, one of your primary concerns about undergoing any type of plastic surgery procedure is the level of pain that will be involved. Thankfully, recent innovations in cosmetic surgery technology and techniques have significantly reduced the amount of pain experienced both during and after surgery. However, like any surgical procedure, some […]

Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon for BOTOX® Injections

The difference between a successful BOTOX® procedure and one with disappointing results depends entirely upon who you choose to perform your injections. When you elect to have a BOTOX® procedure, you want to know that you’ve chosen the best possible plastic surgeon for the best possible result. Even though BOTOX® treatment is now performed by […]

How Smoking Can Complicate Plastic Surgery

If you have been smoking cigarettes or tobacco for several years, you should be aware of how this affects you as a candidate for plastic surgery. Smoking has an impact on far more than just your lungs; it also affects your veins, which tend to contract and reduce the oxygen supply to the rest of […]

Dangers of Surgical Tourism

The practice of traveling to another country to obtain healthcare is typically referred to as “medical tourism” or “surgical tourism.” It’s a growing trend in healthcare: statistics reveal that by the year 2012, this industry could reach $100 billion. However, an increase in popularity doesn’t mean that surgical tourism is any safer than it was […]