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When you need to have an important medical procedure performed that will negatively impact your appearance, you may consider having plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery afterward to correct the damage. Unfortunately, it may take a considerable amount of time after your initial procedure before you are ready for another surgery, and the costs of two surgeries in a row can be extravagant.

Because of this, it is becoming increasingly common to combine procedures into a single surgical session. Having your medical surgery and cosmetic surgery performed at the same time can significantly reduce costs, as well as the inherent risks associated with anesthesia use. Additionally, undergoing one recovery period instead of two is easier on your body and your lifestyle.

Some examples of surgeries that are typically requested together include:

If you are considering having plastic surgery performed in conjunction with a major medical procedure, please contact our experienced plastic surgeons today to schedule a consultation. We can answer all of your questions about the process and work with your primary physician to determine a treatment plan. Marietta Plastic Surgery serves the Atlanta area with offices in Marietta and Woodstock, Georgia.

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