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If you are trying to decide whether or not breast augmentation is right for you, your future pregnancy plans are important to consider. Although breast augmentation will not interfere with your ability to conceive, pregnancy may potentially affect the aesthetic results of your breast augmentation procedure.

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How Pregnancy Can Affect Breast Augmentation Results

Pregnancy tends to take a toll on many areas of your body – your breasts included. Some patients emerge from pregnancy happy with their appearance, but more often than not, women are frustrated with stretched skin, lost breast volume, and other issues with their breasts.

If you had breast augmentation before you got pregnant, the implants themselves will not be affected, but their relationship and position within your breast tissue might be altered. Sagging breast skin (called “ptosis”) and other changes may make it necessary to undergo a revision procedure if you want to restore your pre-pregnancy breast augmentation results.

How Breast Augmentation Can Affect Breastfeeding

It is equally important to understand how breast augmentation can affect breastfeeding. Research shows that breast implants do not compromise the safety of breastfeeding. Even if your implant ruptures, there is no risk of silicone leaking into the breast milk, since the molecules in the silicone gel implant material are too large to enter the milk ducts. Regardless, there is more silicon content in infant formulas and dairy milk than in the body of a woman with breast implants.

Your Marietta plastic surgeon will discuss all of your incision options with you in detail during your breast augmentation consultation, and also explain the careful steps we take during the surgical procedure to preserve your milk ducts.

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