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One of the primary concerns women have about breast augmentation is whether or not implants will interfere with breastfeeding. Most women who undergo breast augmentation and become pregnant at a later date are able to breastfeed without any problems, but there is a slight risk that breast augmentation surgery may affect your ability to effectively breastfeed.

Many women are naturally unable to breastfeed, regardless of whether or not they have breast implants. When it comes to breast augmentation, most of the potential for breastfeeding interference relates to how and where the surgical incision is made. Peri-areolar incisions have a higher risk of damaging the milk duct and related nerves. Our experienced Atlanta breast surgeons we will discuss all incision-related risks with you in detail during your initial consultation, and will take great care to preserve your milk ducts during breast augmentation.

Several different FDA clinical studies have found no evidence linking silicone breast implants to health problems in children who are breastfed. In fact, the silicon levels in women with silicone breast implants are actually less than the amount of silicon found in regular store-bought dairy milk and infant formulas.

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