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When a woman has overly large breasts, she may feel that nothing can be done to make them look more proportionate to the rest of her body. Happily, there is a solution: the breast reduction procedure. A breast reduction is able to solve physical and psychological issues related to excess breast tissue.

Many women who come in for breast reduction have found that bra straps frequently cause irritation and deep imprints in their shoulders. Clothing may not be fitting well and may be causing discomfort. Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are also consistent issues.

Along with these physical problems, women with overly large breasts often feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearance.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery, arrange an appointment for a consultation at our facility. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, our skilled plastic surgeons will make sure you’re well taken care of and that your needs and aesthetic goals are being met. Find out more today by contacting us.

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