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Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery prefer to use the tumescent liposuction technique whenever possible because it involves a shorter recovery period and less pain after surgery, in addition to several other advantages. Still, in general, the amount of time you will need to request off from work will depend on the extent of your liposuction procedure, which we can discuss during your initial consultation.

Most patients only need a few days of downtime, but you should continue to refrain from strenuous activity for awhile – even after you return to work. Swelling after liposuction is completely normal, and will resolve on its own over time. Many patients notice an improvement in the treated area immediately after surgery, but your results may not be completely obvious until swelling goes down, which usually happens after a minimum of six weeks.

We will provide you with a compression garment to wear during the first stages of liposuction recovery; this will help reduce swelling and encourage proper healing. It’s also important to take gentle walks to speed up the healing process. Walking keeps your blood circulating normally and prevents the risk of clotting.

After about two weeks, most people are able to begin a gradual return to their prior activity level, but you should avoid doing too much too soon. If at any point exercise is causing you pain or discomfort, reduce your activity level. We will follow up with you to ensure you are healing normally, and advise you when it is safe to return to certain activities.

If you have further questions about liposuction recovery, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta plastic surgeons. Call (770) 425-0118 for our Marietta office, or (678) 494-2380 for our Woodstock office.

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