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At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we appreciate our employees and are excited to feature them in monthly Employee Spotlights. This month we’d like to feature Racquel, a registered nurse that benefits the MPS team with her caring personality and great work ethic. Thank you, Racquel, for all you do for the practice’s staff and patients! To celebrate Racquel and all of her contributions to our Marietta Plastic Surgery family, here are some interesting facts about her.

• Racquel was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia.
• After working at MPS for over two years, Racquel says she loves her coworkers and appreciates how clean the practice keeps their working environment.
• Racquel finds getting to know her patients rewarding. She said she would’ve rarely gotten the chance to get to know patients so well if she had been working at a hospital.
• The drainless tummy tuck is Racquel’s favorite service that Marietta Plastic Surgery offers; it’s unique in the fact that it’s not offered by many other surgeons.
• Outside of work, Racquel enjoys reading, hiking, kayaking, traveling, cooking, exercising, and winding down with Netflix.

Thanks again, Racquel, for all you do for Marietta Plastic Surgery! We appreciate you!

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