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Liposuction, like all surgical procedures, does leave some scars. However, in the case of liposuction, the incisions used are very small, and therefore the scars are very subtle.

Liposuction uses several small incisions to achieve its results. The size of liposuction scars typically ranges from 3-4mm The size and number of incisions depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Surgical preferences
  • Type of liposuction used
  • Treatment area
  • Degree of correction required
  • Structure of your fat deposit

However, because they are generally very small, they are almost unnoticeable if they heal well. The healing of your liposuction scars depends on several factors, including your personal history of scarring, your skin condition, and how well you follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions.

During your consultation, we can talk to you about liposuction scarring and show you examples from some of our patients so you can make an informed decision about your liposuction procedure.

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