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Strenuous exercise can be harmful to the body during liposuction recovery, as the tissues will be healing and in a weakened state. Physically taxing activities can lead to post-operative complications, causing patients to require more recovery time.

As such, it is best to allow yourself at least two weeks of healing before you consider returning to your exercise routine. Once you feel that you are ready to begin working back towards this level of activity, get in contact with your plastic surgeon to discuss your options. When you are cleared for it, remember to be very careful with your body.

That said, during the liposuction recovery process, it will be important to take part in less-strenuous forms of exercise, including gentle walks. Walking is vital, because it helps to avoid various complications related to circulation.

When you pay a visit to Marietta Plastic Surgery, you will be able to speak with a medical professional regarding numerous aspects of the liposuction recovery process, including modified patterns of activity. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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