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Losing a significant amount of weight after your breast augmentation can have negative effects on the results of your breast enhancement. If a large weight loss is in your plans, talk with the Atlanta plastic surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery about when breast augmentation may be right for you.

Because your breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue, a big reduction in your weight can mean a big reduction in your breast tissue. Weight loss after breast augmentation may result in:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Decreased volume
  • Excess skin

These side effects of your weight loss can leave you with less than ideal breasts. We recommend that you reach a stable weight and maintain it for three to six months before your breast augmentation surgery. At Marietta Plastic Surgery we want you to love your new look. A breast lift or revision breast augmentation may be an option for you, but if you lose unwanted weight before your breast surgery procedure, you’ll be happiest with your long lasting results.

If you are ready to discuss your breast augmentation procedure with an experienced Atlanta breast surgeon, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. Call 770-425-0118 for our Marietta office or 678-494-2380 for our Woodstock location.

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