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A Mommy Makeover package includes numerous procedures to return patients to their pre-pregnancy body. One procedure that can be included in your Mommy Makeover package is the breast lift. This surgical rejuvenation option is ideal for raising sagging breasts.

Once breastfeeding is over, a mother’s breasts have lost a great deal of volume. The excess skin that comes along with breast volume loss results in drooping breasts and areolae and nipples that no longer point straight forward. The breast lift trims away excess breast skin to give breasts a perky, youthful look.

Does the breast lift sound right for inclusion in your Mommy Makeover package? Customize your Mommy Makeover package during a consultation at our office – contact us to schedule an appointment. Patients can speak with the experienced and caring staff of Marietta Plastic Surgery and ask any questions they may have.

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