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Let’s face it – nobody likes wrinkles! They make our face look old and weathered. They even make us seem tired all the time. There are many cosmetic treatments on the market that claim to correct wrinkles on your face. However, none are as effective as Morpheus8.

What Can Morpheus8 Do for Skin?

Morpheus8 is the new cutting-edge state-of-the-art dermal treatment that restores youthfulness and vivacity to our face. It takes care of uneven texture, discoloration, and many other signs of the aging process.

Morpheus8 tightens and firms your skin and addresses facial sagging and jowls. It is quite potent for treating loose skin. It can also improve upon the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Afterwards, your skin may be richer in tone and texture.

The device can be used on any part of the body, as it is possible to adjust the microneedles and flex the handpiece.

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 aids in producing new cells and reshaping the skin’s underlying architecture to achieve smoother and younger skin. It stimulates collagen production in our skin tissues. Collagen is one of the compounds responsible for skin elasticity and is produced in smaller amounts by our body as we age.

The procedure is extremely effective and is safe for usage on all skin types. It affects the dermis, epidermis, and underlying fat, making it a comprehensive skin treatment that yields impressive results.

Morpheus8 is a handheld device that uses microneedling and radiofrequency stimulation. The tiny needles puncture the treatment area, and the skin is signaled to self-heal by producing new skin cells. New collagen and elastin production is also stimulated in this way.

The radiofrequency treatment treats the fat layer underneath the skin, making it smooth and sleek for a younger appearance.

The Treatment Process

Treatment time generally depends on the size and location of the treatment area. Usually, it is all wrapped up in an hour’s time. Your surgeon may outline the areas to be treated with a marker before starting the treatment in order to make it more accurate.

A topical anesthetic is applied onto the patient’s skin to minimize any discomfort that may be felt. You may feel a slight warmth on your skin due to the RF, but the microneedling should not be painful thanks to this anesthesia.

After the Treatment

Slight bruising and swelling may be experienced after treatment, but you can expect this to subside in a matter of days. Morpheus8 doesn’t require a long recovery period, and you can resume your normal activities in a couple of days (unless you have combined the treatment with other procedures).

The results of the treatment should be apparent immediately afterwards. You may be asked to come in for repeat treatments if you want to achieve ideal results from the procedure.

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