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At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we appreciate our employees and are excited to feature them in monthly Employee Spotlights. This month we’d like to feature Kathy, our certified and licensed laser practitioner who has become an important part of our MPS family. Thank you, Kathy, for all you do for the practice’s staff and patients! To celebrate Kathy and all of her contributions to Marietta Plastic Surgery, here are some interesting facts about her.

  • Kathy was born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.
  • Kathy has been with Marietta Plastic Surgery for 10 years, with a start date of May 2009!
  • She loves working at MPS because of the people and staff, who she describes to be supportive and caring.
  • Kathy finds it incredibly rewarding to be able to help other people feel good about themselves.

Thanks again, Kathy, for all you do for Marietta Plastic Surgery! We appreciate you!

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