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CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure developed by well-known scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University. The CoolSculpting procedure makes use of patented cooling technique for destroying fat cells. The process involves no surgery and very little to no downtime.

Why CoolSculpting?

There are times when despite working out and following a strict diet, you are unable to get rid of stubborn fat. Everyone has some problem areas of their body where flab tends to build up and cannot be shed easily. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat-reduction technology that helps you target and reduce fat cells in these trouble areas, providing visible, effective, and long-lasting results. It is ideal for those who want to sculpt their bodies non-surgically.

How It Works

CoolSculpting adopts a scientific approach to fat reduction. Fat cells tend to freeze at slightly higher temperatures than the surrounding tissues. With CoolSculpting, the physician is able to safely deliver the exact amount of controlled cooling so that the fat cells beneath the skin surface can be effectively targeted. The entire process is quite gentle. The fat cells that get treated during the procedure are crystallized and ultimately die. Your body will naturally process the fat to remove the dead cells over a period of time. The result is a more-contoured body and a more-confident you!

The areas that are usually treated by the CoolSculpting procedure include the abdomen, outer and inner thighs, arms, and flanks.

Your CoolSculpting Results

Even though you will be able to see the results of the fat-reduction treatment after a single session, your body will take a couple of months in order to showcase the final effect of the CoolSculpting treatment. It takes this much time for the body to naturally remove the treated fat cells. You will typically notice a reduction in the size of the treated area within four months. Your physician may call you for another session after four months.

Generally speaking, every session helps you reduce the count of targeted fat cells by approximately 20 percent. Additional treatments help in further enhancing the results. Your physician will be able to customize your treatment, taking into consideration your specific goals as well as your budget.

Diet and Exercise

Your overall health and physical appearance are dependent on two key factors: regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. It is important for patients to understand that CoolSculpting should not be viewed as a replacement for either of these things. Rather, it is additional support that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

While exercise and diet are effective in reducing visible fat in different parts of your body, they do not get rid of the fat cells permanently. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, will permanently freeze away fat cells and thus contribute to making you fitter and healthier in the long run.

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