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Holiday gatherings are fast approaching so it’s natural to want to put your best “face” forward! Some solutions are more involved than others—a face lift will make you look years younger, but requires some upfront planning. However, theses skin rejuvenation options produce amazing results just in time for the holidays.

  • Injectables are a great option for softening lines and wrinkles. These include BOTOX® Cosmetic for simple forehead lines and crow’s feet lines and dermal fillers for deeper lines around the mouth. BOTOX temporarily weakens facial muscles that control forehead and crow’s feet wrinkles, softening or eliminating their appearance. Results last for 3-4 months or even longer. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm® or Restylane®, fill in the deeper “parenthesis” lines surrounding the mouth. Dermal fillers usually last at least 6 months, often much longer, and the results are immediate.
  • Laser skin resurfacing softens fine lines and improves skin texture and tone. The process removes the top layers of skin to stimulate the dermis, or deep layer of skin, to produce more collagen, which improves the skin’s structure and elasticity. Laser procedures can help reverse the effects of sun damage, wrinkles, age spots and acne scars. A newer laser treatment, the Fraxel® Laser, is a breakthrough in skin resurfacing with little to no downtime.  It usually takes a few sessions so plan those for November/early December.
  • Microdermabrasion is a procedure that uses tiny crystals to gently wear away the outer layer of skin, creating a refreshed appearance. A facial is a wash that cleans the skin, providing nutrients and removing the outermost layer of dead cells, a process known as exfoliation.  Facial peels remove even more dead skin and they can be very mild, using fruit acids, or they can be powerful, using stronger forms of acid. Mild peels are designed to rejuvenate and fortify generally healthy skin, while more extreme peels are used to combat more serious skin issues.
  • And there are many different advanced skin care products that help supplement the skin with the nutrients it needs to keep itself healthy and lustrous. High quality products like these are not found over the counter; a skin care specialist knows what’s best for each type of skin.

The bottom line is that there are variety of options for improving the texture and tone of your skin and they may be less involved than you thought. It pays to do some research, understand the pros and cons, and to always choose a skilled, licensed medical practitioner. Never trust your skin to anything less.

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