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The saline choice that feels more like silicone

There is a new option when it comes to breast implants that combine the safety and peace of mind of a saline implant and the softer feel of a silicone implant, it is called the Ideal Implant.

This implant has been used by Marietta Plastic Surgery and Drs. West, McNeel and Hanna since 2010 as they are study investigators for this new type of implant. The Ideal Implant was FDA approved in November 2014 and is available for use by a select group of surgeons throughout the United States beginning in September 2015.

The idea for this new structured implant came from listening to patients. They were interested in a breast implant that combined the peace of mind of a saline implant with the softer feel of a silicone implant. The Ideal Implant has an internal structure of floating chambers that support the edges of the implant. This keeps the edges smooth like a silicone implant. Since it has different chambers, it does not go totally flat if one chamber fails like the classic saline implant does. Thus getting the implant replaced over time does not become an urgent situation.
Thus the Ideal Implant is a structured saline implant that is a new natural alternative to the silicone implant. Women no longer have to choose a silicone gel implant to get a natural feeling implant. Women now have another option that is between the classic saline implant and a silicone gel implant for breast augmentation.

If you are interested in learning more about this implant, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons so we can discuss your situation and help you select the best choice for your body.

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