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When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon, it’s vital that you choose the best practitioner for the job. Your body will be with you forever; plastic surgery procedures are permanent, and so you want them to be done right. That means a safe procedure and results that you’ll always be happy with. This is why board certification is one of the most important aspects of your search for the right physician.

Board certification, specifically from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is what tells patients that a plastic surgeon has the right type and amount of experience to perform procedures. Along with years of general surgery experience, candidates for board certification must have at least two years’ experience performing plastic surgery procedures.

Board-certified plastic surgeons must also have graduated from an accredited medical school, passed numerous exams, and completed a five-year residency.

Read more about board certification here. To learn about the specific backgrounds of our skilled, experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, make an appointment by contacting us. Marietta Plastic Surgery is a well-regarded medical facility serving the Atlanta area.

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