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One of the concerns many women have about getting breast augmentation is “How long do I have to wait before getting back to my exercise routine?”

The answer is that you can begin working back up to light exercise within a few days of surgery. During your immediate recovery, some very light exercise is encouraged. Some very light exercise incorporated into an overall routine emphasizing rest is good for your body. Take gentle walks, but don’t tax yourself or significantly elevate your heart rate. During your consultation, we will talk to you about what types of exercises are okay for your immediate recovery period.

During your first postoperative visit, we’ll evaluate your recovery and let you know what exercises you can add to your routine. Most often this will mean you can increase the length of your walks and you may be able to do some light work on an elliptical trainer or stationary bike, if you do not use your arms. However, it is important that you avoid raising your heart rate or blood pressure too much, since this can increase your risk of hematoma as the delicate capillaries in the surgical area are still healing. Hematoma can quickly and easily be treated, but we want to avoid it because it is a major risk factor in getting capsular contracture later. Also, make sure you are using a well-fitting (not too tight or too loose) and appropriately supportive sports bra.

By about four weeks after your procedure, you can start doing aerobic exercises again, but remember to begin building back up slowly and put an emphasis on no-impact and low-impact exercises at first. If you experience pain in your breasts during any exercise, stop immediately and call 770 425-0118 or 678 494-2380 for guidance.

To learn more about exercise after breast augmentation or other questions about the recovery period, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation at either of our Atlanta-area locations today.

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