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After a breast lift to raise the breasts, patients must focus on their healing process. This gives patients the best results with the least amount of complications. There are many important aspects of the breast lift recovery process, one of which is making sure that you keep your breasts elevated at all times.

There will be post-surgical swelling in the breast region following your breast lift procedure. The swelling is typically at its most extreme within the first three days. Keeping the breasts elevated is an excellent way to ensure that this swelling is ameliorated in a timely fashion.

While you are sleeping during breast lift recovery, you will need to be at an incline rather than flat. Propping yourself up with three to four pillows will aid in breast elevation during the night.

Another method of reducing swelling is by applying cold compresses to the region on the first day after the surgery. Make sure to avoid direct contact with the skin of the area by putting a towel between the skin and the compress.

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