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If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure in the near future, you may have already heard about the new cosmetic surgery tax that has been established in New Jersey. Always seeking after new sources of revenue, other states are now eager to jump on the bandwagon. While no tax has been established in Georgia yet, this trend has the potential to impact plastic surgery affordability everywhere – not only for those of us who desire elective procedures, but also for patients who may require reconstructive surgery for medically necessary reasons.

Doctors and Patients Discuss the Controversy

Many doctors are frustrated by this issue because it allows the government to decide which procedures are medically necessary, and which are merely cosmetic. The truth is that the line between these two classifications often blurs. For example, if you are a woman with breast cancer and undergo a mastectomy, you have the option of undergoing a breast reconstruction immediately afterward. If this procedure is taxed, it will only increase your financial burden as a cancer patient.

The New Jersey cosmetic tax bill also raises several other questions for doctors and patients, such as:

  • Will taxes like this pave the way for taxes on other types of medical services?
  • Does the tax go against the rules set up by the medical board of each state?
  • How much will the administrative costs be to collect the tax, and how might this increase overall procedure costs in the long run?

While the majority of states have yet to propose such a tax, it has already been considered a part of the national Health Reform Bill. States looking to boost their general revenue may soon decide to establish cosmetic surgery taxes similar to New Jersey’s.

If you have further questions about how cosmetic surgery taxes might affect Georgia in the future, our qualified and compassionate staff at Marietta Plastic Surgery can answer all of your questions. Meanwhile, if you have been considering a procedure, now may be the best time to see if you are a candidate. Contact our board-certified plastic surgeons today to set up a consultation at our Marietta or Woodstock offices.

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