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Sun exposure, smoking, hereditary qualities, and the aging process can take a heavy toll on our skin – particularly in the neck, cheeks, and jawline. If you’re sick of looking older than you feel but aren’t exactly prepared to go under the knife, the FaceTite method is a fantastic alternative.

FaceTite is a non-surgical skin-rejuvenation technique that uses focused radiofrequency energy to improve and tighten the skin from inside the dermis. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia so the patient feels nothing as the handpiece targets the region with radiofrequency energy. There are no incisions, just pinpricks that heal within days.

The whole procedure takes close to 45 minutes to an hour and is used to instantly provide a degree of skin tightening. Patients will see even more improvement during the following few months as new collagen forms in the skin tissues.

This cutting-edge technique lifts droopy skin on the neck, cheeks, temples, and around the eyes. It is minimally invasive and does not require significant downtime. FaceTite is safe for all skin tones. The final result is a younger appearance for up to five years.

Who Is the Perfect Candidate for This Treatment?

FaceTite is a fantastic choice for an individual who has minor to moderate skin laxity along the lower contours of the face, including the jawline and neck. It is ideal for those who are not considering a surgical cosmetic touch-up. It is not as dramatic as a surgical facelift, which offers greater change for patients with extreme sagging of the face and neck.

How Does FaceTite Work?

FaceTite makes the skin tighter by warming the skin with a fine probe that is embedded into the layer under the skin. It doesn’t require tissue removal and makes the skin tighter by 10% instantly.

In a couple of minutes, you will have significantly tighter skin that looks and feels improved. The repair and tightening process takes three to six months to show up to 40% improvement in the skin.

How Much Pain or Discomfort Should I Expect?

FaceTite patients experience next to no pain. A local anesthetic may be administered to minimize discomfort and pain.

No Downtime Needed

Since the FaceTite technique is minimally invasive, there is minimal downtime, so patients can go home instantly after the treatment and resume normal activities right away. You may encounter some mild bruising and swelling.

You can apply makeup and sunscreen after every session. No extra skincare is required after treatment. Still, you should make sure to shield your skin from sun damage and apply an effective sunscreen.

Make sure to discuss the desired results with your plastic surgeon so that they can decide on the perfect treatment to address your particular facial issues.

Scheduling Your FaceTite Consultation

At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of services to improve numerous areas of the face and body. If FaceTite sounds like the ideal choice for your next procedure, contact our office and set up your consultation.

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