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Collagen is the most abundant protein available in our body. It gives our skin strength and helps replace old skin cells with new cells. It also increases the elasticity of the skin. With age, the production of collagen protein decreases, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Causes of Collagen Depletion

Age is obviously the most important factor when it comes to a decrease in collagen production. There are also many other factors that accelerate the depletion process:

• A high amount of sugar in your diet
• Smoking
• Exposure to sun over a long period of time
• Nutritional deficiencies in aspects of the diet that contribute to collagen production

What Collagen Does for the Body

• Maintains the tightness of the skin
• Helps in the production of new skin cells
• Reduces cellulite and stretch marks
• Alleviates joint pains and degeneration
• Heals issues with gastrointestinal lining
• Helps in increasing lean muscle mass

While the body never stops producing collagen, collagen production reaches its peak at 25 years. After that, it slows down. Using sunscreen and maintaining a good diet that increases collagen production could help to an extent; however, over time, the effects of diminishing collagen production will be visible.

The skin that is most exposed shows the most issues as a result of collagen loss; these issues include wrinkles and sagginess. Examples of spots that are the most exposed are the face, arms, hands, neck, and upper back. A collagen stimulator is the best option for restoring collagen to the face.

Collagen Stimulators

To put it simply, any element that stimulates and increases collagen production is a collagen stimulator. Collagen depletion is most visible on the face and then on other exposed parts of the body. While there are a few options available in the market, the most accepted and effective collagen stimulator is Sculptra.

Sculptra Injections

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator made from poly-L-lactic acid. This dermal filler is injected into affected areas of the face. It works within the deep dermis rather than from above, which results in long-lasting effects. It affects the deep layers of the skin, increasing volume and restoring the skin’s inner structure. The substance increases collagen production gradually, so it can take time for its effects to be visible.

Since it has very mild to no side effects, is biocompatible, and naturally stimulates collagen production, Sculptra is highly recommended by doctors around the world.

Benefits of Sculptra

• Other fillers or stimulators are not as effective as Sculptra.
• It can be used anywhere on the face.
• It encourages the body to gradually increase collagen production, which in turn increases facial volume and brings back the youthfulness of the face.
• It is one of the longest-lasting stimulators available in the market, showing effects for about two years.
• It has no significant side effects.

Try Sculptra for Yourself

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