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If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer or have a high risk of developing the disease in the future, your doctor might advise you to have a mastectomy. The idea of a mastectomy is a difficult and intimidating one. However, we are able to ease the transition with the help of a surgical procedure called breast reconstruction. With this, we can effectively rebuild your breasts to restore them to their original form.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure for women who have had either all or a portion of their breast tissue removed. The process involves a surgical reconstruction of the breast mound with the help of prosthetics or autologous tissue to match the shape and size of the other breast while obtaining natural-looking results.

Breast reconstructive surgery also involves a reformation of the nipples and areolae. The extent of reconstruction largely depends on the mastectomy and the volume, location, and size of the tumor that has been removed from the breast. Depending upon a number of factors such as the type of mastectomy, ongoing cancer treatment, and the patient’s body type, the reconstructive plastic surgery can be performed in two ways.

Implant Reconstruction

As the name suggests, implant reconstruction involves restoring the volume and shape of the breast by using a prosthetic implant. Breasts that have been reconstructed using implants tend to be rounder and firmer and have a more artificial texture as compared to natural breast tissue. If only one of the breasts is being rebuilt using this technique, it might be more difficult to achieve a natural symmetry between the two.

However, it is a less-invasive procedure that produces excellent results for women who have small and firm breasts. The procedure involves stretching the skin using a tissue expander and inserting a saline or silicone gel implant in the place of the removed breast tissue. Although these implants do not have a specific lifespan, a replacement surgery might be necessary at some point.

Flap Reconstruction

The flap reconstructive surgery employs the use of flaps of your own body tissue extracted from your buttocks, thigh, lower abdomen, or back to recreate the breast mound. Since the skin tissue is taken from another part of your body, the color and texture of your reconstructed breast might differ from that of the original one. The flap reconstruction technique generates more natural-looking results for women who have moderate to large breasts with natural sag. Although this procedure is more invasive and lengthy compared to implant reconstruction, it eliminates the need to go for another replacement surgery in the future.

Consult with your plastic surgeon to determine the most suitable breast reconstruction option for your specific case and body type.

Breast Reconstruction Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about breast-implant-based reconstruction and flap reconstruction techniques, it’s best to speak with one of the skilled medical professionals at Marietta Plastic Surgery. Our experienced staff offers quality care and patient education. To schedule your informative consultation, contact our office and set up an appointment.

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