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A body lift is a medical procedure that involves contouring and firming loose sagging skin on various parts of the body through surgical intervention. As the name suggests, a full body lift involves the contouring of the entire body, with prime focus on areas such as the buttocks, tummy, thighs, arms, and breasts.

Many times, people who have experienced sudden drastic weight loss end up with unsightly loose skin all over their body. In other cases, a person’s skin may become saggy owing to degraded tissue elasticity. Skin tissue can lose its firmness and flexibility due to a number of factors such as age, extreme sun exposure, poor nutrition, and even genetics.

What Does a Full Body Lift Involve?

A typical body lift is comprised of three separate procedures: the butt lift, the bilateral/lateral thigh lift, and the tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. However, for individuals with considerable amounts of excessive skin throughout their extremities, lower body, and midsection, a full body lift may be needed.

As compared to the upper, lower, or mid body lift, the full body lift is a more intensive and complex procedure. Many medical practitioners perform the full body lift in a series of successive sessions that focus on specific body parts.

A full body lift might take up to four or five hours to complete and requires the patient to be administered with general anesthesia. The procedure involves making an incision on or near the treatment area, followed by removal of the excess skin and stubborn fat deposits through a series of techniques.

Qualified Full Body Lift Candidates

Since the full body lift surgery is a complex process, it will require serious consideration on your part before you make up your mind to go under the knife. Ideal candidates are people who:

  • Have had an abrupt loss in 30 to 40% of their weight
  • Have a significant amount of loose and flabby skin all over their body
  • Are by and large healthy and do not have a risk of developing side effects from surgery
  • Are committed to maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle combined with optimum physical activity after the surgery
  • Are psychologically sound and have realistic goals regarding the results of the surgery

The Results and Recovery

The results of a body lift are instant and dramatic, and they will continue to improve during the healing process as the post-surgical swelling and bruising diminish.

The post-operative care for a full body lift varies depending on the exact regions of the body that were contoured. Generally, it involves avoiding heavy or strenuous activity for a specific period of time as directed by your surgeon. Staying home from work may be necessary, and wearing a post-surgical supportive garment may be recommended in order to keep the swelling down.

When performed by an experienced and proficient medical practitioner, the full body lift can help you achieve amazing results, which can be made permanent through proper post-operative care and a healthy lifestyle.

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