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Revolutionize your profile with Kybella, the cutting-edge, non-invasive solution to submental fullness, commonly referred to as a double chin. This FDA-approved treatment uses a man-made form of deoxycholic acid, a substance our bodies naturally produce to help break down and absorb fat. It’s a leading option in cosmetic treatments for reducing a double chin, offering a refined and expert way to improve one’s appearance.

[primary_practice] is proud to offer Kybella as part of our range of facial aesthetic procedures, providing our patients in Atlanta, Marietta, and Woodstock, CA, with access to cutting-edge treatments that enhance their natural beauty.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella works by targeting fat cells in the submental area. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, Kybella destroys fat cells’ membranes. The dissolved fat will then be removed through the body’s natural elimination process.

This process results in a reduced volume of fat under the chin, a more defined jawline, and an improved neck profile. The treatment is meticulously performed by our highly skilled professionals to ensure precision and comfort throughout the treatment.

Kybella Treatment Areas

Kybella is primarily known and FDA-approved for its effectiveness in reducing submental fullness. The primary focus remains on enhancing the contour of the chin and jawline, delivering a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome that aligns with each patient’s goals.

Benefits of Kybella

Kybella offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Non-Surgical Solution: Kybella provides an effective alternative to more invasive procedures like liposuction with minimal downtime.
  • Targeted Fat Reduction: It specifically targets fat cells in the submental area, allowing for precise contouring of the chin and jawline.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot store or accumulate fat, leading to lasting results.
  • Improved Confidence: By reducing the appearance of a double chin, Kybella can significantly enhance one’s profile and self-esteem.

Is Kybella for Everyone?

Kybella is an ideal choice for adults seeking a non-surgical method to reduce the unwanted fat beneath their chin, offering a path to enhanced self-image and comfort. However, it may not be the right choice for patients with certain medical conditions in the neck area, pregnant or nursing women, or those with significant skin laxity. We encourage a consultation to assess your eligibility for Kybella and discuss alternative treatments if necessary.

How Long Does It Take to See Results With Kybella?

Results from Kybella treatments vary among individuals. Some patients notice visible improvements in as few as 2 to 4 treatments, while others may require up to 6 sessions for optimal outcomes.

Sessions are spaced at least one month apart to allow the body to naturally process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells. Patience and adherence to recommended treatment plans are key to achieving the desired results.

Can Fat Come Back After Kybella?

The fat cells destroyed by Kybella treatments are permanently eliminated from the body. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as significant weight gain can lead to fat accumulation in the remaining cells, potentially diminishing the effects of the treatment.

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At [primary_practice], we are dedicated to providing our patients with safe, effective, and personalized aesthetic solutions. If you’re considering Kybella or would like more information about how it can benefit you, contact us and schedule a consultation. We serve patients throughout the southeastern United States, including Atlanta, Marietta, and Woodstock, Georgia.

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