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Motherhood is probably the most rewarding experience in a woman’s life. Creating a life and watching as your child grows and changes is an incomparable joy. As a mother, you are prepared to sacrifice a lot for your child. You have given time, money, and incalculable effort to your child. These are the things your child needs. But your child doesn’t need you to be unhappy with your appearance.

Your appearance is one thing you don’t have to sacrifice for your child. Instead, a mommy makeover can help you restore to a great deal of your pre-pregnancy appearance.

One of the most popular procedures used in a mommy makeover is liposuction, sometimes called just lipo. With lipo we can target stubborn areas of baby fat that aren’t responding to diet, exercise, and other personal efforts.

Pregnancy changes your body’s chemistry, often permanently, and there may be no practical way for you to target certain fat deposits if your body says it wants them there. But lipo is designed specifically for that–targeting certain fat deposits to reshape your body’s contours.

To learn more about how a mommy makeover can help you, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation at either of our Atlanta area offices.

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