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One reason why many of our patients consider breast implants is to balance out their figure. Many runners love what running does for their body, except for their breasts. However, they may be concerned that breast implants may make it harder to enjoy their favorite healthy hobby. Here are some tips for successfully getting back to your running after breast augmentation with implants:

Don’t go too big. The larger your breast implants, the more likely they are to cause you trouble. You want to get breast implants that are proportional to your body and help you achieve a feminine figure without interfering with running.

Don’t rush back to the track. We know how much you love to run, and how your day can feel incomplete without a run, but trust us: taking time off from your runs after surgery will be well worth it. Allowing your breasts to heal before putting them under the stress of a run will reduce your risk of complications.

Get an adequate sports bra (or two). Women who are successful at running after breast augmentation report that their sports bra now makes all the difference in their performance. They also say that using two is often a good idea.

During your consultation with one of our surgeons, we will talk to you about how to enjoy all your favorite athletic activities with breast implants.

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