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Facials are simple and convenient beauty sessions that can leave you feeling fresh and new. People often come in for a facial to prep for a special event, and some come in on a regular basis to maintain a beautiful, youthful, and rejuvenated look.

The Benefits of Facials

There are many benefits to getting facials. Facials come in different formulations depending on your skin type and your aesthetic goals, so you’ll end up with unique results depending on the facial you get. You can receive a number of benefits from facials:

Deep cleansing: A healthy skin care routine consists of regular exfoliation, and facials can help exfoliate the skin. They help in expelling the dust and dead cells that have accumulated on the surface as well as inside the pores. Extraction can be performed during facials for the more severe cases of blackheads and clogged pores.

Moisturized skin: Getting a facial can help to hydrate and moisturize your skin. In the long run, facials can also prevent dryness in the skin. No matter how efficient your chosen daily moisturizer may be, cosmetics and other skin care products can end up stripping away the moisture in your skin. A good hydrating facial is what the skin needs on a regular basis to stay hydrated.

Treatment and prevention of dark circles: Stress, skin damage, and other factors can lead to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Given that the skin in the area beneath the eyes is sensitive, it is essential to choose the right products to treat dark circles and prevent them from coming back. Facials can help restore that lost glow under the eyes while also slowing down the appearance of aging signs.

Preparation for last-minute parties: When there is an unplanned event coming up and your face is looking dull and tired, there is nothing better than getting a facial to regain that party-ready look. Makeup can help cover up the weariness on the face to some degree, but facials can help treat the issue from deep within.

Enhanced blood circulation: Facials help enhance the blood circulation in the face. This in turn makes the facial skin look healthy and radiant. Massaging the facial skin during a facial can significantly improve the oxygen levels in the skin cells.

Treatment of skin issues: By choosing the right facial, you can resolve the appearance of skin issues effectively by treating them from the inside.

Decompressing and relaxing: A facial helps you decompress and makes you feel pampered. Regular facial sessions are great opportunities to help you wind down after a stressful week.

Pick the Right Facial During a Consultation

During a consultation at Marietta Plastic Surgery, we will examine your skin and discuss achieving your aesthetic goals with the help of a facial. Our qualified professionals will recommend the right facial for you and schedule an appointment for a treatment date. To set up your facial consultation at Marietta Plastic Surgery, contact our office today.

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