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At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we appreciate our employees and are excited to feature them in monthly Employee Spotlights. This month we’d like to feature Alex, one of our lovely registered nurses, who’s been with MPS for two years now AND has recently gotten engaged! Thank you, Alex, for all that you bring to the team! To celebrate Alex and all of her contributions to our Marietta Plastic Surgery family, here are some interesting facts about her.

  • Alex was born in Flemington, New Jersey but grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • May 2018 marks her second year at Marietta Plastic Surgery.
  • Alex loves working with the amazing MPS staff and seeing her patients happy after a successful treatment.
  • She considers the Botox offered at Marietta Plastic Surgery her secret weapon. She’s used it to treat her forehead, glabella, chin, and crow’s feet.
  • If she weren’t working in this field, Alex would be doing something to help animals. She loves animals and believes they deserve love and respect.
  • After work, Alex enjoys spending time outside hiking, camping, or just sitting on a patio with her incredible fiancé and her two sweet pups, Chloe and Bo.
  • She also loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures, lifestyles, and cuisines.

Thanks again, Alex, for all you do for Marietta Plastic Surgery! We appreciate you!

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