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Exposure to sun has often been touted as the best way to boost the body’s production of vitamin D. The skin does need some sunlight, but as with anything that is taken to the extreme, too much time spent under the sun without adequate protective measures is a very dangerous thing.

One unfortunate result of prolonged sun exposure is a painful sunburn. Here are the most compelling reasons to always wear sunscreen while stepping out, even on cloudy days:

Sunscreen Protects the Skin from Short-Term Damage
Swelling, itching, and bruising are the side effects of too much sun, often accompanied by aesthetically unappealing blotchy red spots. Even during the healing process, the skin that peels off or forms blisters is painful and off-putting. Sunburns resulting from overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun irritate the skin and make it weak and sensitive. A good sunscreen keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from drying out. It also prevents excessive tanning.

Sunscreen Can Protect the Skin from Premature Aging
The skin contains essential proteins responsible for its structure, texture, and health, such as collagen and elastin. With prolonged exposure to radiation from the sun, the effects of aging on the skin get accelerated. The cells responsible for the regeneration and replenishment of collagen slow down. During this, the radiation creates a buildup of free radicals in the body. They in turn accelerate the production of enzymes that break down collagen. The result is that the firmness and elasticity of the skin lessens. Wrinkles and creases start appearing, the skin sags, and the face looks older than it actually is. Sun exposure also triggers the formation of age spots on the skin. The application of sunscreen can help delay these effects.

Sunscreen Lowers the Risks of Developing Skin Cancer
Due to ozone-layer depletion, the amount of harmful radiation entering the atmosphere has now increased. Experts unanimously say that the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is one of the leading causes of skin cancer. Using sunscreen with a good sun-protection factor (SPF) can protect the skin from this to some extent.

Sunscreen Improves Quality of Life
The effects of overexposure to the sun make it necessary to take preventive measures. The sun two to three hours before and after noon is considered the most damaging. But it is impossible to plan all activities around that time. One cannot live in fear of the sun to the point where they avoid stepping out of the house entirely. Carrying umbrellas and wearing long-sleeve dresses all the time can become cumbersome and are not practical solutions to the problem. Protecting the skin with sunblock gives people the freedom to live a normal life and enjoy a beach holiday without having to worry too much about the sun.

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