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Skin is the largest organ on the body. When a person gains weight, their skin expands to accommodate the growth of their abdomen, thighs, arms, and other areas. People struggle for months with dieting and exercise to shed many pounds from their body to achieve a better weight and appearance.

After a person has worked hard to lose the extra pounds, they are left with extra skin that sags and hangs, giving their body a very unattractive appearance. Various pockets of excess fat may also remain. These issues make it difficult for a person to embrace their new post-weight-loss body and can make it tough to find clothes that look good on them.

Excess skin and fat is extremely disheartening. If you’re struggling with these problems, the body lift procedure could be just the solution for you.

What Is a Body Lift?

A body lift is an extremely effective way to get rid of extra sagging skin and fat from many areas of your body. Just like a facelift, it offers a firm and lifted appearance. With this procedure, you won’t have to deal with a spare tire and layers of extra skin after you have worked hard to lose all that fat.

Depending on the deposition of the excess fat and skin, a person can undergo an upper, mid, or lower body lift. For extreme cases where a person has extra skin all around the midsection, a full body lift may be suggested. This method is also called a total body lift and is usually the best way to get rid of a large amount of sagging skin.

The Body Lift Consultation

With a body lift, just like any other cosmetic procedure, you will first consult a trusted professional plastic surgeon, who will customize the procedure for your exact case. You can choose which areas need more work than the others, and you can discuss what you expect from the surgery.

The surgeon will make sure that you are all set to go ahead with the surgery. This means that they will describe the procedure in detail and will address any doubts that you may have. They will also answer all of your questions.

The Procedure and the Recovery Period

The surgery will take around four to six hours depending on the severity of the case. It will begin with anesthesia, followed by incisions and then removal of the excess skin and fatty tissue. At the end, the incisions will all be carefully closed with surgical sutures.

You will be advised to stay in the hospital for a few days. You can resume normal life within around two weeks to two months – your surgeon will tell you more based on your exact case. Your surgeon will give you post-surgical care instructions for after the procedure, which you will need to strictly adhere to for best results and to avoid complications. You will also be prescribed pain medication to curb any pain or discomfort after surgery.

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