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A neck lift is a surgical procedure that improves the visible signs of aging that appear on your jawline and neck. It is a cosmetic procedure used to remove excess skin and fat from around your jawline, creating a more defined and youthful-looking neck. Neck lifts are performed in combination with a facelift and can also be a stand-alone procedure.

Why Do People Consider Getting a Neck Lift?

There are many possible reasons behind people’s decision to opt for a neck-lift procedure:
• They have sagging excess skin under their chin and it makes them appear much older than they are.
• They feel like their neck has too much excess fat.
• Their jawline is not visible anymore because of aging and they want to restore it.
• Their neck has a “turkey wattle” look (caused by drooping muscle, skin, and fat).

How Do a Facelift and a Necklift Work Together?

Essentially, a neck lift and a facelift have similar goals and procedures. The neck lift focuses on the area from the jawline to the base of your neck. A facelift improves the lower two-thirds of your face.

Combining both of these procedures creates smoother and tighter skin in your neck and your face. This combination creates a far more dramatic impact on your face in terms of youthfulness than when each procedure is done individually.

When patients combine the surgeries, they can save money and do not need as much recovery time. Your surgeon can make the most effective aesthetic changes to your lower face, neck, chin, and cheeks with a combined surgery.

What Are the Pre-Procedure Preparations?

Before your neck lift procedure, your doctor will give you guidelines to follow:

• Avoid certain types of medication to reduce any risk of excessive bleeding.
• Smokers will need to quit for at least four weeks before the surgery and four weeks after.
• Keeping your body physically healthy is necessary to help your body heal after the procedure.
• Request a week off from work for recovery.

What Happens During the Procedure?

It takes two to three hours to complete the neck-lift procedure. First, anesthesia is administered. Most patients require only local anesthesia in combination with a sedative.

The exact steps involved in the procedure vary according to the aesthetic needs of each individual person. Generally, incisions are made discreetly behind the ears and under your chin. Excess fat is removed, excess skin is trimmed away, and loose neck muscles are rejoined and tightened. After the procedure has been completed, the incisions are stitched closed with sutures.

The Neck-Lift Healing Process

Your skin must be protected from the sun and excessive abrasion during your healing process. It will be best to avoid strenuous physical activities such as sports. It may take several weeks for the post-surgical swelling and bruising to fully disappear after the procedure. It takes up to six months for your incision lines to gradually disappear.

Set Up Your Neck-Lift Consultation

Contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today to set up your neck-lift consultation. During this consultation, you will talk with an experienced plastic surgeon, who will walk you through the procedure in greater detail.

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