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Many women interested in undergoing breast augmentation ask us questions about how their procedure will impact future pregnancy plans. There are two issues to consider here:

·         How will breast augmentation impact my ability to become pregnant and breastfeed?

·         How will pregnancy impact my breast augmentation results?

The good news is that breast augmentation will not affect your ability to become pregnant and safely carry your baby. In most instances, it should not impact your ability to breastfeed either.

There have been numerous clinical studies on this topic, including four major Scandinavian studies examining more than 11,000 women which found no increase in congenital malformations or other complications with the baby.

In addition, several studies have examined the impact of breast augmentation on a woman’s ability to breastfeed. These studies found that breast augmentation rarely resulted in difficulty breastfeeding, and that breast implants do not cause any contamination of breast milk.

The more pressing concern is how future pregnancies will impact your breast augmentation results. Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause your breasts to go through many changes in size and volume. While it is not guaranteed that these changes will negatively impact your results, many women find that they need a revision procedure to refresh their results after childbirth.

If you are not planning on having children any time soon, this is most likely not a concern. However, if you are planning on starting a family in the next few years, you may want to wait until you are done having children to undergo breast augmentation. Make sure you discuss any future pregnancy plans with our plastic surgeons during your initial consultation so that we can help you determine if this is the best time for your procedure.

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