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If you are a woman over the age of 40, it’s important to undergo annual mammograms in order to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages, when it can be most easily treated. After breast augmentation, you will need to seek out a radiologist who has experience screening breasts that have implants. For accurate results, specific techniques must be used during the mammogram process to make sure nothing is missed.

When breast implants are placed, internal scar tissue forms around them. This scar tissue occasionally collects calcium deposits, which can make interpreting the results of your mammogram more complex. An experienced radiologist who specializes in screening breast augmentation patients will take additional shots to capture different angles and views of your breasts, creating the most comprehensive image possible.

Some women are afraid of their breast implants rupturing during a mammogram. This was more of a concern with past breast implants. Today’s manufacturers extensively test breast implants to ensure they can withstand great amounts of force and pressure without rupturing. In addition, certain techniques can be used during the screening process to reduce the risk of rupture.

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