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If you lose weight after a breast lift, it may impact the quality of your results. As with your breasts before your breast lift, your breasts after surgery depend on the quantity of fat within them to maintain their shape and volume. When you lose weight, the volume of fat in your breasts can decrease, which may lead to sagging and diminish the lifetime of your quality results. Of course, weight gain can be just as bad, since it will tax the skin and other support mechanisms in the breast, which can also lead to sagging.

This is another good reason to reach a stable goal weight before having plastic surgery. Before deciding on a breast lift, set yourself a goal weight and achieve it through a combination of healthy diet and exercise. Talk to your doctor about what is a good goal weight for you and the best plan for your weight loss. Next, maintain that weight for 3-6 months before surgery. Once you are able to achieve and maintain a weight for that length of time, you should be able to maintain it permanently after surgery, which will significantly increase the lifetime of your quality breast lift results.

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