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The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an effective and popular method of augmenting the buttocks. It’s able to make a patient’s buttocks look perky, round, prominent, and youthful, giving them a more attractive figure overall.

This procedure is the most natural way to enhance and lift the rear end, because it uses a patient’s own fat cells to add volume to the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift can correct flat, asymmetrical, disproportionate, and sagging buttocks in both men and women.

What to Expect

The Brazilian butt lift involves extracting fat cells through liposuction, processing the cells, and injecting them into the buttocks in the form of droplets.

First, liposuction is performed to suction out fat from different parts of the body, areas like the lower back, thighs, and stomach. A slender cannula with fine holes is used to extract fat cells.

After this harvesting process has taken place, the fat is processed and purified. Only a certain percentage (around 25%) of the fat extracted is healthy and pure enough to be reinjected into the buttocks; only the healthiest fat cells are acceptable for reinjection.

Injections are then used to transfer the fat into your buttocks. The processed fat is injected in very small amounts at different depths and areas in order to ensure even distribution and shaping. Each cheek requires between 580cc and 1,000cc of fat.

Preparing for the Procedure

The pre-operative requirements for this procedure typically include a medical clearance at least two weeks before the surgery, a CBC blood test, and a physical checkup. Your medical history will also be discussed.

You will have to stop smoking several weeks before the procedure. Anti-inflammatory drugs cannot be taken during the week before the Brazilian butt lift. On the day before the surgery, no food or drinks are allowed after midnight.

Post-Operative Recovery Process

Rest and relaxation is recommended during the first week after the surgery. You will have to drink plenty of fluids. You cannot sit directly on your buttocks for about three weeks; this ensures the health of the transferred fat cells and guarantees longer-lasting results.

Swelling and bruising are very common following the majority of surgical procedures, including this one. A special compression garment will have to be worn for around two weeks to control and minimize the swelling. Even then, you will experience some swelling for about a month and a half. You will not be able to drive for a time.

Patients can go back to work after around two or three weeks. Most patients can return to their normal activities after a month. Make sure to come in for a follow-up appointment to ensure that there are no post-operative complications.

Arrange a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

Marietta Plastic Surgery offers numerous plastic surgery procedures and boasts a staff of experienced medical professionals. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are skilled, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

For more information on the Brazilian butt lift, contact our office and schedule an appointment for a consultation. You will be able to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals, and we will answer any questions you may have.

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