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In the days after breast augmentation, your breasts may feel sore, tender and swollen. These effects will gradually dissipate as your body and breasts continue to heal and recover from surgery.

At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we strive to get the most natural-looking and natural-feeling results from breast augmentation. If you are concerned with how your breast implants will feel, we can help you tailor your procedure by guiding you through the breast enlargement options that will produce the most realistic results possible.

The feel of your breasts may be influenced by:

  • Whether the implant is placed above or below the muscle.
  • Whether you choose saline or silicone breast implants.
  • How much natural breast tissue you have.
  • The size of the breast implant.

Silicone gel breast implants tend to feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants. Additionally, when your implant is placed beneath the muscle instead of in front of it, it may be more difficult to detect the implant itself. If your breasts have relatively dense breast tissue, the implant should be well concealed behind it.

We want you to get both the look and feel of the breasts you have always wanted. We’ll help you develop an individualized breast augmentation procedure that produces the results you want.

If you  live in the Atlanta area and have further questions about breast augmentation, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced Atlanta area plastic surgeons. Call 770-425-0118 for our Marietta office or 678-494-2380 for our Woodstock location.

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