Breast enlargement is one of the most popular types of breast surgery available, but you may be surprised by the wide variety of options available to you when considering breast enlargement. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, our board-certified* Marietta cosmetic surgeons will provide you with the information you need and the answers to your questions about breast implants to allow you to make the choices that are right for you.

Fill Material

One of the first options most women are faced with when considering breast enlargement is the fill material for the breast implant. The two FDA-approved breast implant materials are:

  • Silicone
  • Saline

Silicone is often considered to feel more natural while saline is slightly less expensive and gives more flexibility in performing the surgery. Each of these types of breast implant has its own benefits, and we can help you determine which is right for you after listening to your desired results and looking at your breast anatomy.


The question of breast enlargement size is a completely personal one. We can offer you advice regarding how to choose the breast size you would ultimately like, the choice is completely yours. It is not uncommon for women who allow someone else to influence their breast enlargement decision to return in a short period of time to have their implants replaced with the size they originally wanted. Only you know what breast size will make you feel your best.


Different implant shapes are available when undergoing breast enlargement. The most common two are round and teardrop, or contoured. Breast implants also come in a variety of profiles, which can help us customize your results to give you a breast size and shape that looks good on your body.


Two options are available for breast implant placement and each has its own benefits:

  • Submuscular – placed under the pectoral muscle
  • Subglandular – placed under the fatty tissue of the breast

You can learn more about the breast enlargement and breast enhancement options available through Marietta Plastic Surgery today. Please contact our experienced plastic surgeons at our Marietta office, also welcoming patients from Atlanta, Marietta, and Woodstock, Georgia, and other areas of the southeastern United States.