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Face lift surgery is designed to help rejuvenate your facial appearance, turning back the clock to a more youthful look and helping you age more gracefully into the future. However, a face lift is a surgical procedure that may not be right for everyone. The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for a face lift is to schedule a facelift consultation with one of our Atlanta cosmetic surgeons at Marietta Plastic Surgery.

Am I a Good Face Lift Candidate?

During a personal consultation, your current skin condition and texture will be examined by our Atlanta facelift surgery team to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for face lift surgery. Some of the factors we will look at include:

  • Skin elasticity – The ideal facelift candidate has skin that retains some amount of flexibility. Face lift surgery is designed to stretch your facial skin in order to remove deep wrinkles and “lift” sagging skin. The best results usually depend on how supple your skin still is.
  • Bone structure – Having a well-defined underlying bone structure in your face will help provide support for the meticulous facial alterations that a surgeon makes.
  • Overall health – You should be generally healthy and free of any major medical conditions well in advance of your facelift. Proper healing and recovery is an important aspect of surgery that patients should be physically prepared for.
  • Loose skin – If you have excess skin on your face or neck, this can be trimmed during a facelift procedure, then tightened to help remove wrinkles.

The best face lift candidates have realistic expectations about what surgery can accomplish. Although a facelift can have dramatic results, it should not make you look like someone else. You should look like a younger version of yourself. If you are not a good candidate for a face lift, we offer other facial rejuvenation procedures – such as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, BOTOX® and Dysport, and dermal fillers – that can help improve your appearance.

Facelift Before & After

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Age and Face Lift Surgery

Your age is not the most important factor in whether or not you are a face lift candidate; your skin condition and overall health are much more important. Most patients who undergo facelift surgery are between 40 and 70 years old, but people older than 70 can also benefit from this procedure. We will evaluate your medical history and current skin quality to determine whether or not a face lift is right for you.

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I have used Marietta plastic surgery since 2007, Dr. McNeel. I have referred over 15 friends. Always amazing results. Highly recommend.

- Sondra

Bailee is very professional and as my friend Erica , who referred me , said “Bailee is very gentle “. I look forward to the results and am very grateful I learned about this place!

- Lilly

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If you have further questions about face lift candidacy at Marietta Plastic Surgery, please contact our experienced Atlanta facial plastic surgeons today to schedule an initial consultation. We welcome patients from Marietta, Atlanta, and Woodstock, Georgia, as well as other areas of the southeastern United States.

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